Have you heard about the EarthKeepers at Wesley? 

EarthKeepers are United Methodists who work within their communities to lift up the importance of caring for God's creation. There is a growing awareness that "creation care" is an essential part of our discipleship as Christians. 

Did you know that Wesley has its own EarthKeepers? They don't call themselves EarthKeepers but they have been protecting God's creation by using innovative technology to protect our environment. They have done many things over the years to make our church building more energy efficient and to reduce our carbon footprint. The amount of greenhouse gas emissions we cause by the amount of electricity we use has been significantly reduced. 

In the sanctuary, large double pane windows and ceiling fans were installed. Then sometime later insulation was installed in the ceiling. Electronic heating and cooling controls allow areas to be shut down when not in use. These upgrades have reduced our heating and cooling costs significantly. 

Almost all of our interior incandescent lights have been upgraded to florescent or LED lights. The lights on the roof have been replaced with LED's and the lights above the outside doors will be replaced in a couple weeks. This project was started by Kevin Holbert and David Hasek and is being continued by the current Board of Trustees. In addition to having a brighter church we are saving an estimated $2,200.00 per year. 

In a project led by Lynn Shafer a 10kw solar panel system was installed in 2012. The initial investment of $51,000.00 was offset by a $20,000.00 KCP&L rebate and $31,000.00 was given by our congregation. The system saves our congregation over $1,500.00 per year and reduces the amount of CO2 we produce by 91,000 lbs. 

In the fall of 2017 all the windows at the church and parsonage were replaced with double pane windows. In addition to making our church look much more attractive the new windows reduce our energy costs. This project was led by Preston Hunter and is estimated to save the congregation almost $2,700.00 per year and further reduce our carbon footprint. 

Over the estimated life span of the improvements made, it's believed we have reduced our carbon footprint by 1,000 tons of carbon dioxide. 1,000 tons of CO2 is equivalent to planting 20,000 trees or driving 2,000,000 fewer miles. 

In 1955 the congregation of Wesley Church banded together and built a brand new church at Broadway and Carr in Sedalia, Missouri. We have been continually blessed through the years by those who have financially supported and labored to maintain and upgrade our church building. 

We give thanks to our Wesley EarthKeepers!